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Soldiers from across the Royal Yorkshire Regiment have been acknowledged for their diligent work, exemplary outputs, and the highest levels of professionalism.

Read Pte Niestrzeba’s citation for his Merchant Adventurers Award:

‘Pte Niestrzeba deployed to Kosovo as a Foxhound Driver as part of the Strategic Reserve Force from 1 R YORKS. Throughout the preparations for deployment, he worked long hours helping to ensure both his vehicle and the vehicles of Alma Company were prepared to depart.

On arrival in Kosovo, it became clear that Alma Company would be patrolling largely on foot with the support of civilian vehicles. Pte Niestrzeba instantly ensured he conducted the required driver training to qualify himself to drive these vehicles on the operation. As part of 1 Mulitple, he was selected as the Multiple Commander’s driver. Throughout the tour he showed adaptability and confidence, driving through unknown territory on roads in poor condition. Pte Niestrzeba was the most reliable driver on the tour and could be depended on in all scenarios.

In addition to this, he conducted many dismounted patrols. In a multiple consisting largely of JNCOs, Pte Niestrzeba would still consistently add value to every action that he was on. He was trusted by all those within his multiple and set an example of what good looks like. Despite having no Recce experience, Pte Niestrzeba was specifically chosen to deploy to an OP, one of the first operational OPs conducted by The Royal Yorkshire Regiment in over 10 years. His selection to conduct this operation is evidence of the degree to which those within Alma Company have faith in his abilities.

While deployed, Pte Niestrzeba also completed a pre-JNCO cadre, and personally gave a brief to Lord Peach, Special Envoy to the Western Balkans during his visit to Camp Bondsteel.

Pte Niestrzeba has set a stellar example of good soldiering while deployed on operations, and thus is fully worthy of recognition.’

Merchant Adventurers’ Hall The Desert Rats – 7th Light Mechanised Brigade

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