One county - one regiment - one family

The Royal Yorkshire Regiment Association exists to promote the efficiency of the Regiment by fostering esprit-de-corps, comradeship and the general welfare of the Regiment as well as establishing and preserving its traditions.  The RYRA also makes recommendations to the Yorkshire Regiment Benevolence Committee, in order to provide relief, either generally or individually, for members of the Association, and to past and present members of the Regiment and their dependents, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

The Colonel of The Regiment - Major General ZR Stenning OBE

The Colonel of the Regiment is the head of the Regimental family and is appointed from serving or retired officers of the rank of Colonel or above.  If he is a retired officer he should be permanently resident in the United Kingdom.  Selection is based on the wishes of the Colonel in Chief and senior officers of the Regiment, serving and retired, and subject to the willingness of the nominee to accept the appointment.  The Colonel’s tenure of appointment is initially for five years.  He may serve a maximum of two terms in office and not beyond the age of 65.

As the head of the Regimental family, it is his duty to enhance the welfare and good name of the Regiment.  He will endeavour to safeguard the long-term health of the Regiment by promoting Regimental spirit, maintaining Regimental traditions and representing Regimental interests at the highest level.

He is ex-officio Chairman of the Yorkshire Regiment Board and the Regimental Trustees and President of the Regimental Association.

Approaches may be made to the Colonel of the Regiment by any serving member of the Regiment through their Commanding Officer or by retired members through Regimental Headquarters.  The correct form of address for the Colonel of the Regiment, within the Regiment and irrespective of his rank in the Army, is ‘Colonel’.


Yorkshire Regiment association

Since its formation in 2006, the Regiment has continued to build on the strong foundations and reputations of its famous, regional, antecedent Regiments. As an association, we benefit from strong relationships with local councils and their communities, as well as working with employers, sporting clubs, cadet and youth organisations and veterans’ associations.

YRA Branches

Branches of the Yorkshire Regiment Association have been established in towns across Yorkshire and Teesside, often co-located where there are active YORKS Army Reserve Centres: Barnsley, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Sheffield and York.  These are locations where our ‘Yorkshire Warrior’ veterans and service leavers can meet in comradeship and friendship. Several ‘joint’ branches have also been established in partnership with our antecedent regimental associations.

New 'Millenium' Branch

A new initiative led by the  Regimental Board, is to reach out to service leavers and the generation of Yorkshire Infantry who partcipated in the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns. 

This is another Branch to the YORKS Association, but one that is focussed on those that served or joined after 2000 and for those veterans & service leavers who have a shared experience from 2000 to the present day.

This is a regimental priority to identify who and how many there are, building on the good work of the YRA.  We are looking to establish a strong relationship with this operational generation cohort by engaging with them virtually and physically. Initially, a major function will be planned to draw as many together as possible and as 2022 is the 10th Anniversary of Op HERRICK 16 (when the Colonel of The Regiment was CO 3 YORKS), this coming year provides an opportunity to do just that.  So keep following us for more news!


Do you need help?

For many individuals, service in the Army takes a toll on soldiers and their families.  But there is a significant amount of help available, especially if you know where to look.  From local assistance within the battalions, to major cases of need that are supported by the Regiment’s Benevolent Trust. 



Before any Benevolence case is considered, it must be supported by a case worker report, normally from SSAFA . This report provides the Regimental Benevolence Committee in RHQ York with independent assessment of circumstances and Need. 

Any request for support that are passed directly to RHQ, AHQ or Yorkshire Regiment Association or any other source, will be referred to SSAFA or the RBL for the applicant to be visited and a report made. Exceptionally, request for support may be received from Unit Welfare Officers, or through the Yorkshire Regiment Association

Am I elegible for help?

You are eligible to request help if:

  • You are a member or former members of the Army who has completed adult basic training.
  • You were medically discharged as a direct result of an injury sustained during training.
  • You are a dependant spouse/civil partner, widow, widower, child or other immediate dependant.
  • You are a member or former member of the Army Reserve (and a dependant as outlined above) providing they have completed one year’s satisfactory service, which included Phase 1 training.

Getting in touch

If you are in urgent need of help or advice you should Contact RHQ using the form below, or email


A connected network of antecedent and Yorkshire Regiment Association branches exists across our home region, and gatherings are regularly conducted in other parts of the country and in the battalions.


“The sense of regimental family is best built through the realisation of the mutual dependency of all elements of the Regiment.”

The regulars need the reserves; the young need the old; and we all need the cadets. Our regimentally badged cadet organisations are a vital part of the Regimental family and help solidify our footprint across the county.

Exercise Black Rat 2022

Exercise Black Rat Cadet Challenge is the annual 4th Infantry Brigade organised Army Cadet Force weekend, which this year was held at Driffield Training Area. This year’s lead unit was 4 YORKS, supported by 1 YORKS who provided weapons and equipment to give the region’s Army Cadets an insight to military capabilities. A series of stands and scenarios was set up for teams of cadets to undertake.  Well done to everyone who contributed and made it a great weekend for the cadets and their adult volunteers.

Cleveland ACF

Home to over 650 cadets and adult volunteers across the Redcar, Stockton, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool area.

Yorkshire (North & West) ACF

Home to over 1300 Cadets and almost 250 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) in 43 Detachments across North and West Yorkshire.

Humberside & South Yorkshire ACF

HSY ACF spans North and North East Lincolnshire, East and South Yorkshire with over 250 Adult Volunteers and 1200 Army Cadets.


Be a Friend of the Regiment

Over the next 18 months the Regiment will consider the establishment of a ‘body’ or Charitable Integrated Organisation (CIO), known as ‘The Friends of the Yorkshire Regiment’. Its primary purpose will be to provide a mechanism through which Yorkshire businesses and organisations can connect and interact in partnership with the Regiment.

Yorkshire Society Awards 2022

A New Regimental Affiliation

In the grand setting of the fabulous 17th century Cutlers Hall in #Sheffield, The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire have recognised the achievements of members of The Yorkshire Regiment and regional Army Cadets UK, marking the commencement of a long-term friendship and affiliation between the Cutlers and the only county-named regiment left in the British Army. The awards were made in front of fellow Cutlers, Commanding Officers, families and friends by Master Cutler Dame Julie Kenny DBE DL, only the second Lady Master Cutler in the long and distinguished history of the Cutlers’ Company.

Cutlers Awards 2022

Freedom Towns

The Freedom of a City, Town or Borough is an ancient ceremonial honour, usually bestowed upon a unit with historic ties to the area, as a token of appreciation for their long and dedicated service, allowing them the privilege to march into the city “with drums beating, colours flying, and bayonets fixed”.

Since formation in 2006, 21 Yorkshire and Teesside Freedoms have been generously conferred on The Yorkshire Regiment.


Every year, members of the Regiment are generously recognised by the ‘Friends of The Regiment’ for their individual performance. 


The Company of Merchant Adventurers of the City of York


The Yorkshire Society – a not-for-profit organisation, that puts Yorkshire first, celebrating and promoting its economy, history, heritage, beauty and unique culture.

Yorkshire Agricultural Society

Yorkshire Agricultural Society and the Great Yorkshire Show