The qualities we seek in our Yorkshire Regiment officers are:

  • Strength of character, robustness, intellectual agility, and a good sense of humour.
  • Relentless in the pursuit of excellence in the profession of arms.
  • Professionally capable as a leader on operations.
  • Strong sense of duty and loyalty to the men, fellow officers, and the Regiment, putting the soldier first in all things.
  • Tenacity in adversity and humility in success.
  • An enjoyment of sport at any level.
  • Uphold the moral standards of the British Army.

“Being a Yorkshire Regiment officer is not something you do, it is something you are”


You start with a Combat Infantry Course (28 weeks) at The Infantry Training Centre Catterick (ITC(C)). Here, you do your basic training and your Infantry training (Phase 1 & 2). You learn essential skills such as survival, first aid and map reading while building stamina and fitness.

If you’re aged under 17 years and 5 months, you’ll do your basic training at the Army Foundation College Harrogate for 49 weeks. You’ll then go to ITC(C) to complete your Infantry training over 10 weeks. When you finish, you’ll get your B or C category driving licence before joining your Regiment.

What is it like at Infantry Training Centre, Catterick?

When you apply, you are joining the Infantry.  You can express a preference for a regiment based on where you come from, any family connections or simply state your choice.  After completing the more basic elements of training you will recive your regimental cap badge.


Army Reserve soldiers come from all walks of life and work part-time as soldiers for the British Army alongside full-time Regular soldiers. When you join the Army Reserve as a soldier, you’ll get involved in everything that the Regular Army does – from combat to peacekeeping and humanitarian work. You’ll be given the opportunity to learn trade skills, and can take advantage of the opportunities that Regular soldiers have too – like adventurous training.

Once you’ve joined, most Reservists serve near their home, and meet once a week to train. You’ll be in control of how much time you spend working as a Reservist, as it is a role that fits around your life. You’ll have occasional weekends away on exercise or adventurous training. There’s also a two-week training camp that you’ll go on, to put your skills into practice. You may be asked to go on operations if needed, but we will make sure that you’re fully trained for the task in hand.

You start with two weeks’ training at the Infantry Training Centre Catterick, where Regular Army soldiers are trained. Like them, you learn vital skills, like how to survive outdoors and fire weapons. The training also builds your fitness.  After mastering the basics you can specialise in advanced combat roles such as Sniper, Machine Gunner or Combat Signaller.

Join 4 YORKS

Who We Are – The 4th Battalion is the Army Reserve battalion of The Yorkshire Regiment, the only County Regiment left in the British Army.  There are many roles in 4 YORKS, but all soldiers are Combat Infanteers first and foremost.

Where We Are4 YORKS have locations across Yorkshire and Teesside – Hull, York, Barnsley, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Leeds, Middlesbrough and Catterick. 

When?- Drill nights are on a Tuesday evening and are generally delivered at one of our Army Reserve Centres.  Training Weekends are programmed from a Friday evening through to a Sunday evening and take place monthly on training areas around the UK.  Annual Deployment Exercises happen all over the UK and overseas and provide the opportunities to train alongside Army Reserve and Regular counterparts.

How? – Complete an on-line application, including medical declarations, followed by a face to face interview, before attending an Assessment Centre.  If successful, formal attestation will be followed by Initial training, a mixture of physical and on-line-training. The next stage is the ‘Basics’ which is modular and can be undertaken virtually or as a 7-day course. A 16-day Battle Camp follows, which must be started within 1 year of finishing the Basics.  The final piece of training is the Combat Infantry Course (CIC), which is delivered in 2 phases, before being placed into an Army Reserve appointment.

Why?  Joining the Army Reserves is the ideal option if you want to combine the benefits of an Army job with civilian life.  As a 4 YORKS (Infantry) Reserve soldier, you will have the opportunity to develop new professional skills that can enhance your portfolio.   You will get paid for training, reserve duties and deployments that you complete and there are financial incentives and a tax-free annual bonus.  Army Reserve service comes with opportunities for travel, adventure and new experiences and you can get fit, make friends for life and be challenged and have fun while doing it!


Our Army Reserve Band are based in Huddersfield, but travel all over the UK and abroad in support of the Army and UK Government. Basic training takes place over a series of evening, weekend and residential courses.  You’ll then start your music-based training. We’ll build on what you already know and work to make you a better performer and musician, preparing you for your role with one of our Reserve bands.