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At this years’ Great Yorkshire Show, a soldier from 1st Battalion described as “a beacon of excellence” has been named as ‘Best Soldier’. The #Yorkshire Agricultural Society Award is made annually to a member of the The Royal Yorkshire Regiment, with a presentation in the Main Ring.

This year’s honours go to Pte Damien McDonald from #Rotherham of the 1st Battalion, based at Catterick Garrison Army Barracks, who was rewarded for his excellence during Corunna Company’s conversion to Light Mechanised Infantry and preparation for Op SHADER.

Pte McDonald joined the British Army as his job in a door factory was being automated and he wanted to provide stability for his young family. Recently, his performance as a Civilian Armoured Vehicle driver during Corunna Company’s Op SHADER Mission Rehearsal Exercise was exemplary. His attitude was cheerful, hardworking, and deeply professional. His example set the standard for his peers and often drew praise from his chain of command and exercise staff.
As well as being an expert on the Foxhound vehicle, Pte McDonald has passed the Underground Storage Tank course and the nine-tonne vehicle conversion course. He also excelled during recent Public Order training and Team Medic training.
His full citation reads: “Pte McDonald applies himself like few other soldiers. Always optimistic, forward leaning, and with a can-do attitude, his drive to improve his driving and fleet management credentials remains the example of how our soldiers should seek out continuous improvement.
“He routinely finds relevant courses, researches the requirement, and provides his chain of command with the plan and solution for achieving his goals, and the goals for his team. He is the Company’s most accomplished driver, he sets an excellent standard for others to follow, and his performance on driving courses has been repeatedly marked out as exceptional. His levels of independence and self-motivation are far beyond that of a three-year Private soldier. He goes one step beyond in every task he is set.”

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