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Soldiers from across the Royal Yorkshire Regiment have been acknowledged for their diligent work, exemplary outputs, and the highest levels of professionalism.

Read CSgt Sullivan’s citation for his Commanding Officers Commendation:

‘CSgt Sullivan is duly worthy of recognition by the Battalion for his outstanding performance, effort and attitude this year. He has been truly brilliant, and his efforts have ensured that the battalion has been able to achieve success on every exercise it has deployed on. His diligence, drive to succeed and passion are a testament to his character. His aptitude for communication information systems is hard to surpass, while his positive character and wit have enabled collective success.

CSgt Sullivan was responsible for accounting for a battalion’s worth of experimental communications systems when deployed on LIVEX 23, the largest quantity of experimentation communication kit ever issued. He managed this new equipment with great diligence, in addition to the conventional BOWMAN stores that were deployed. On LIVEX CSgt Sullivan liaised with industry partners to explain breakages and report faults in detail so that the equipment can be improved when brought into service.

CSgt Sullivan was also covering the roles of RSO and RSWO when both posts were gapped. In addition, he managed the largest store in battalion all while ensuring BOWMAN plans were written and prepared and controlled a disparate platoon. CSgt Sullivan displayed a fantastic ability to multitask and remained positive and proactive when he could have been overwhelmed.

In camp and on exercise CSgt Sullivan has proved he is dedicated, diligent, and determined. He consistently works at a very high standard and always surpasses expectations. Immensely professional and a role model to others, Colour Sergeant is worthy of recognition.’

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