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Soldiers from across the Royal Yorkshire Regiment have been acknowledged for their diligent work, exemplary outputs, and the highest levels of professionalism.

Read Pte Murphy’s citation for his Commanding Officers Commendation:

‘Pte Murphy has had a very successful year contributing to the battalion in many different areas; exemplifying the traits of our Yorkshire soldiers.

Pte Murphy is deserving of this award for his perseverance and resilience and commitment to self-improvement. He attended his first Sniper Cadre in Inverness, narrowly missing out amongst a competitive course (only one passed!). Pte Murphy was not deterred by this set back – instead, it spurred him on to develop his skill sets and improve his weaker areas. Pte Murphy displayed true determination to attend the very next cadre, achieving a pass – demonstrating the character required of a soldier in the Regiment.

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