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In #sheffield Cutlers’ Hall, our friends and supporters of the regiment, The Company of Cutlers awarded their annual prizes to soldiers from the regiment and to our cap-badged Army Cadets UK Congratulations to Cpl George Henderson #1RYORKS, Pte Sonny Ashworth #2RYORKS, Pte Roberto Brennan-Vaccaro #4RYORKS and Cadet CSM Evie Nock from Official Humberside & South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force RFCA Yorkshire and The Humber

From the 1st Battalion, Cpl George Henderson is a trailblazer. At only 20 years old, he exhibits the leadership, loyalty and discipline of one far more senior. He demonstrates this daily both in camp and when deployed. His meteoric rise from attending his Potential Junior NCO cadre in 2022 through to a strong finish on the Javelin Detachment Commanders course in the autumn of the same year, saw him promote to Corporal in just three years.

Cpl Henderson comes from a military family, born in Germany to two former soldiers and although he has lived all over the country, he calls Barnsley home and spends his spare time supporting Barnsley FC and the Welsh national rugby team. Cpl George Henderson is one to watch, he is a credit to Anti-Tank Platoon and the wider Battalion – he will go far and is a very worthy recipient of a Master Cutler’s Award.

Pte Sonny Ashworth from 2nd Battalion was born in Leeds but raised around the country as the son of a soldier. After joining the 2nd Battalion in 2020, the last year has been a particularly successful year for Ashworth where he has contributed to the Battalion in many different areas. First excelling in the sporting arena. Despite no previous skiing experience, Sonny performed exceptionally well on Exercise FROSTED BLADE, being awarded: best novice skier, a gold medal for Super G, a silver medal for Giant Slalom and 2 bronze medals in the downhill and slalom which led to his selection for the Infantry development ski team. He also achieved success in the boxing ring – winning the Welterweight division and deservedly receiving the ‘best boxer award’ from the expert judging panel during the Battalion Boxing night. He will now represent the Regiment in the Army Championships.

Not limiting his success in the sporting arena, he has continued his development as a soldier stepping up as a Section Second in Command and performing exceptionally well and for his overall soldiering skills, he was awarded the coveted ‘Burma Lion’ – notably voted for by his peers. Outside the Army he visits his old college, talking to students and taking an Army PT session. This shows his desire to give back to those who helped him whilst in education – ensuring the next generation is inspired!

Representing the 4th Battalion Army Reserve is Private Roberto Brennan-Vaccaro who in civilian life is an HGV driver for North Yorkshire Council, a job which he balances well with his Army Reserve career, attending all training weekends with the Battalion and volunteering for additional courses and tasks. He joined 4 R YORKS in June 2021 and has subsequently established himself as the standout soldier in Alma Company, Hull.

Shortly after completing the Combat Infantryman’s Course at ITC Catterick, Pte Brennan-Vaccaro deployed on Ex KHANJAR OMAN from Oct to Dec 22. During the exercise he displayed impressive levels of physical robustness, endurance and was a leader amongst peers through the strength of his personal example. He was often called upon to complete tasks beyond his rank and experience. He is keen to progress, and he attended the Union Division Potential NCO cadre this year, gaining an excellent pass on a course that included Regular soldiers.

Later in 2023 Pte Brennan-Vaccaro deployed with Normandy Coy on the 4 R YORKS Annual Deployment Exercise in Michigan USA, Ex NORTHERN STRIKE. Displaying initiative, intelligence, and competence in a complex environment he was a real force-multiplier and was a key individual in Normandy Company’s success. Pte Brennan-Vaccaro has had a fantastic year and has been at the forefront of all the most demanding events that the Battalion has done. He is a real prospect for the future and is a certainty to promote and become a Section Commander, and will no doubt enjoy a full and successful career in the Army Reserve Infantry.

Evie Nock joined the Army Cadet Force at Barnsley Detachment as a shy 13year old. Over the following years she has grasped every opportunity that the ACF has to offer and has developed into an outstanding and respected Cadet. In recognition of her excellent leadership Evie has recently being promoted to the rank of Cadet Company Sergeant Major.

Evie was invited to attend a selection event at the Army Officer Recruitment Centre, at Westbury in July where she was one of 500 applicants to complete demanding selection processes. Cadet CSM Nock has since been successful at Westbury and had been selected for a Commission. She is being sponsored by the Army through University, where she will study History and Politics. After University, Evie has a placement at Sandhurst and a position in the Intelligence Corps.