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As the summer holidays loom into view, our 1st Battalion are looking forward to a fantastic and exciting programme for the remainder of 2023. The soldiers of 1 RYORKS are committed to operational outputs.

Burma Company are deployed on Op SHADER in Iraq currently and are doing a superb job as part of the coalition forces in Erbil. Corunna Company will take over from them in September, and Foxhound crews from Alma Company are held at readiness and prepared to join NATO’s strategic reserve in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the Battalion Headquarters, Alma Company and Quebec Company will be held at extremely high readiness as one of the United Kingdom Standby Battalions. Quebec Company soldiers will also get the opportunity to join our 4th Battalion on exercise in the United States, and 4 SCOTS in Morocco later this Autumn.

Looking ahead, 2024 holds just as much in store, and crucially will bring the entire Battalion together with a singular purpose: first, for an extended deployment to Oman on Ex DESERT KHANJAR starting in January; and then onto the Battalion’s first Battlegroup validation in over six years on Ex WESSEX STORM in June.

All in all, a very successful first half of 2023, that has seen the Rifle Companies successfully complete their conversion to Light Mechanised Infantry using their Foxhound vehicles and the support weapons platoons get to grips with their new Jackal vehicles and heavy weapons.