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Recently, a team from #2RYORKS supported the British Army Expo in #London and the Ministry of Defence in launching the Defence Command Paper Refresh 2023, on Lulworth Ranges in Dorset. The Exercise was designed to show how Britain intends to fight and win in an increasingly contested and volatile world. Combat Team 2 (Burma Company) and the Recce Strike Group (Quebec Company) displayed their increased lethality when using the new kit being trialled by the unit under the Experimentation and Trials Group.

Some great images:

Pte Bloodworth fires the NightFighter anti-drone system at Lulworth Range in the UK. The NightFighter is a family of broadband RF and GPS jammers with a narrow, long-range cone of effect optimised for use against small UAS.

Pte Kenyon launches a Anafi UAV to find the enemy.

CSgt Clark demonstrating the Stealth H-52 electric bike.

Pte Baledrokadroka closes with the enemy, using his eDSA2 to give him enhanced situational awareness.

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