YORKS to Join the New Infantry Union Division

Message From Colonel of The Regiment

The Integrated Defence and Security Review in 2021 launched a significant transformation for the Army under Future Soldier.  As a regiment, we have already witnessed some early exciting changes, both in our locations and the roles we have been tasked to undertake.

Following 54 years in the King’s Division, today, we proudly join our Infantry colleagues from the Royal Regiment of Scotland, Royal Welsh and Royal Irish in the formation of the Union Division. Although this represents a change in our higher command structure, I see this as a great opportunity for our Regiment, our Officers and Soldiers.

Alongside my fellow Colonels of the new Union Division, we published direction which specifies the key principles of how the Union Division will form and operate. We are all personally invested in ensuring this works for you.

As you can see from the map, the Union Division has a variety of Infantry roles and geographical locations across the United Kingdom. Opportunity now exists for all of you to serve in these Regiments as part of your career. Your own chain of command is actively engaged to ensure that the Union Division will deliver career, job and role opportunities that we’ve not collectively experienced so far. The Infantry re-organisation document lists who is in the ‘new’ divisional structure. Infantry Re-Organisation

My message to you all, is that this is not something to be wary of, but something to accept and embrace in the true spirit of Yorkshireness. Together, we will simply and effectively get on with the job.

Fortune Favours the Brave