On Parade at Dale Barracks

It was on a bright day on 12 October at Dale Barracks, Chester, when 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment received the Honorary Colours from the Catterick-based 1st Battalion. The day started with a parade and some inspirational words from the Colonel of the Regiment, Major General ZR Stenning OBE.  It was also an opportunity for the Colonel of the Regiment to present RSM Greenwood with the York Medal that he was awarded in 2021/22.

The Regimental York Medal is awarded annually and was instituted in 2013 with the purpose of providing formal recognition for officers and soldiers who make an outstanding contribution to the military effectiveness or military reputation of the Regiment.

Since returning from Cyprus, the 2nd Battalion is set for a busy period with integration into the new Union Division and their exciting new role as the pathfinders of innovation for the British Army.  Under the command of Warminster’s Land Warfare Centre,  Experimentation and Training Group,  the 2nd Battalion will instrumental in changing how the Army of the future will operate.

Yorkshire Regiment