Millenium Branch Christmas Bash

A great turn out from members and families of the Yorkshire Regiment Association, Millenium Branch in York on Saturday 10 December.  Chairman Jimmy Lynas provided mince pies and nibbles, a quiz and the opportunity to get close and personal with some of the museum’s artefacts.

The Millenium Branch was officially launched on ‘Yorkshire Day’, 1 August 2022 with a specific emphasis on those who served or joined after 2000.  This is predominantly the cohort of officers and soldiers who have participated in some of the most challenging conflicts in our recent history.

Planned future events include breakfast Clubs, the opportunity to go Motor Racing at Silverstone and Coasteering (hopefully when the weather is a bit warmer!).  If you served in the regiment, its antecedents or as a member of another regiment or Corps alongside Yorkshire’s Infantry in Iraq or Afghan, then please get in contact with Jimmy Lynas ( or 07906995797) for details of the Facebook Group and the events happening in 2023.