Armed Forces Day National Event in Scarborough

1 YORKS at Armed Forces Day in Scarborough

The Yorkshire Regiment remains uniquely, the only county regiment in the British Army’s Order of Battle and as ‘Yorkshire’s own Infantry’, we were proud to represent our great county, the people of Yorkshire and the British Army, at Scarborough, on National Armed Forces Day 2022.

In the ceremonial parade, we were represented by 100 officers and men of the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, based at Catterick, led by Maj Alec Hammond.  The two guards and the Colour party marched behind the Band of The Yorkshire Regiment, followed later by a group of 150 veterans including 50 of our own and group of regimentally-cap-badged Army Cadets, together representing the full spectrum of our regimental family.  And on the west pier, Quebec Company 1 YORKS met with CDS and were kept busy all day, entertaining visitors with their Foxhound, support weapons and the ever-popular face-painting, infantry-style.

Behind the scenes, reserves from our 4th Battalion, supported by 1 YORKS, provided real-life support at Scarborough Rugby Club and at Driffield, organising reception, accommodation and feeding for all the military personnel participating in the parade and for those working in the Navy, Army and RAF displays across the various military villages.