A Season of Farewells at 4 YORKS

Farewell to Cpl Jamie Johnson RLC – who has transferred to YOTR.  As with all our chefs, they are well-known characters and Cpl Johnson is no exception.  He joined as a Territorial back in Sep 1987 at Huddersfield spending 28 years with 3 YORKS, 3 DWR, Ypres Coy E and WRR and is a founding member of 4 YORKS with Corunna Coy. In 2016 he transferred to Helmand and straight onto Burma Coy where he spent the last six years.  During his service, he’s been to most of Europe and north America on exercise, on Op tours of Bosnia (1992) and Iraq (2005) and successfully participated in numerous Brigade and Army level catering competitions. He also mobilised on Op Rescript, the UK COVID-19 response.  Thank you for your service.


Corunna Company have said farewell to the following members of 4 YORKS.  LCpl Dutton- who left the Company about 6 months ago after over 10 years’ service primarily in the medic role.  Sgt Cowley recently left on a move to the QMs, after serving with Corunna Coy since 1998.  Sgt Lomanitai leaves after just over 2 years as the PSI at Leeds, and is moving on to 2 YORKS.  Finally, CSgt Tuisavur who leave for Leeds YOTR after 5 years dedicated service to Corunna Coy and 4 YORKS.  Good luck to you all from Corunna Coy and the regimental family.


In July, another well-known former member of 4 YORKS bade farewell to military service. CSgt James Fitchett was presented with a clasp to his VRSM and given a decent presentation by the CO of YOTR during Ex Dalesman Wanderer, in the Netherlands.  So ends James’s 32 years of reserve service which started in 1989, when he joined Liverpool OTC in his final year at Lancaster University. He joined the 4th Bn The Yorkshire Volunteers in Sep 90 at Sheffield, staying with them through a merger (to 3/4 YORKS) until 1993 when they were rebadged as 3rd Bn The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment (West Riding)(Yorkshire Volunteers).  He remained with them through the 1990s fitting in an Op tour in Bosnia (in 1996) and the merger to form E and WRR in 1999, when he was selected to form part of Fontenay Company. As with most long-term regional reserves he has seen his fair share of mergers and so became a founding member of 4 YORKS on 6 Jun 2006. During his time with us, he fulfilled all of the infantry company jobs up to CQMS and did another op tour (HERRICK 2007/8).  Thank you for your service.