A Farewell Message from Maj Pat Ralph MM

A farewell message from the YRA Chairman

Ladies and Gentlemen – Members of the Regimental Association (YRA & Antecedents)

The time has come, after 10 years, for me to say farewell to you all in the YRA and Antecedent Regiment branches.  I am retiring from my post as Assistant Regimental Secretary and with that post is the role I have held as Chairman of The Yorkshire Regiment Association, both roles I have been proud of and taken great pleasure in.

I could not have done my role as Chairman of the YRA without the assistance of Maj Charlie Helmn in his role as Secretary.  Charlie took on so many tasks and was involved in organising many of the events we, as the YRA, have enjoyed.  He knew what had to be done without needing to be asked and all was done with expert precision due to the training and skills he had built up during his 50-year military career.  Charlie has been a big part of the Association and having retired from his role he will be missed by us all.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here if wasn’t for the members of our Regimental Associations and isn’t it great to see our branches and member numbers continuing to grow?  Our branches work quietly in the background but are achieving so much and giving their all when called upon.  From holding branch functions, charity fundraising and on the sad occasions. representing their branches at the funerals of their Regimental family.  It is heart-warming to see so many Standard Bearers, and veterans in their Regimental ties attending the funerals – through good and bad weather – when we lose a member of the Regiment, we lose a brother, and we will see them off in true Regimental style.

I must also praise the members, veterans and families for their hard work during the early, strict days of Covid when we put the call out for volunteers for marshalling roles at testing stations and other tasks – you turned up to help and did us proud.  Thank you.

As you know I am dedicated to my role and would not just desert you. I needed a good man to take on the reigns of the Chairman and I am leaving you in the very capable hands of Maj Mick Lynch, who will also be taking on the role of Assistant Regimental Secretary and along with that he will become Chairman of The Yorkshire Regiment Association and he will work hard to see that the Association continues to grow.

Maj Lynch will make contact with Association branches and organisations to let them know that he will continue to give any support and advice required and he has a keen interest to join in with all Council meetings, Veterans meetings etc.  Please give him the support you have always given me and help him settle into his new post.

The contact details you have for me (emails and telephone/mobile) will be passed on to Maj Lynch so there will be no need to amend the contact details you are currently using.

I would like to finish off by wishing you all the very best for the future and, again, thank you all for the work you have done for us in The Yorkshire Regiment and the Yorkshire Regiment Association, and for me personally.

‘Fortune Favours The Brave’