19X Reformation Parade – An RSM’s Perspective

By WO1 C Edley, RSM 4 YORKS

Over the last year the Army has been restructured as part of the Integrated Review. As part of the restructuring, 4 YORKS were to leave 4 Armoured Infantry Brigade and become part of 19 Infantry Brigade.

19 Infantry Brigade are the Army’s first Reserve Brigade since the Second World War and to mark the occasion a parade of more than two hundred personnel was formed up in front of the new Commander, Brigadier Lyttle MBE TD VR.

The parade held on the 23 July at Imphal Barracks, included soldiers from each of the 19X Units; QOY, SNIY, 6 SCOTS, 7 SCOTS, 4 LANCS, 3 R ANG, 4 YORKS, 2 R IRISH, 6 RIFLES and 8 RIFLES.

As always, those taking part in the parade sacrificed time with loved ones and provided their service for this task, for which I am and always will be truly grateful. As usual, the standard of drill was impeccable (after a rehearsal or three!) and the effort from all of those taking part was outstanding. Again, I am always humbled by the dedication of 4 YORKS soldiers and they continue to impress me with their commitment to the unit and wider Army Reserve. I am happy to say that their efforts were not in vain and it was fantastic to see the soldiers standing proud on parade, and truly embracing the reformation of 19 Infantry Brigade and the opportunities it will provide for our Reserve Soldiers in the future.